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Corporate & Hotelware

In addition to fine domestic quality porcelain, we also supply heavier-duty porcelain which is manufactured for hotel and restaurant use.
Below are some examples of pieces commissioned by corporate and private clients depicting various initials, corporate logos and heraldic devices.

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Sample Size Guide


Round Plates



Charger 32.0 cm / 12.50 in   Regency H:21.0  L:31.0  W:21.0 cm
Dinner plate 27.0 cm / 10.75 in   H:8.25 L:12.25 W :8.25 in
Large soup (or pasta) plate 27.0 cm / 10.75 in   Classic H:14.0  L:31.0  W:21.0 cm
Small soup plate 22.5 cm / 8.75 in   H:5.25 L:12.25 W:8.25 in
Dessert plate 20.5 cm / 8.00 in        
Side (or bread) Plate 16.0 cm / 6.25 in  

Coffee Cups

        A. Classic Coffee cup with bowl W: 11.5 H: 5.0 cm

Oval Serving Plates

  W: 4.25 H: 1.95 in
Large 40.5 cm / 16.00 in   B. Medium espresso cup and saucer W: 11.5 H: 5.1 cm
Medium 35.5 cm / 14.00 in   W: 4.25 H: 2.0 in
Large 29.0 cm / 11.50 in   C. Small espresso cup and saucer W: 9.75 H: 4.5 cm
Oval base for sauce boat 23.0 cm / 9.00 in   W: 3.75 H: 1.75 in
        D. Tulip Coffee cup with bowl W: 11.5 H: 5.0 cm

Tea Service (E.g. East India pattern)

  W: 4.5 H: 2.0 in
Tea cup and saucer W: 15.5 H: 5.0 cm        
W: 6.25 H: 2.00 in  

Other pieces, in a variety
of shapes and sizes,
are available on request

Milk Jug W: 8.5 H: 10.0 cm  
W: 3.40 H: 3.90 in  
Tea pot H: 17.0 cm  
H: 6.7 in  
Coffee pot standard  
Sugar Bowl W: 8.0 H: 10.4 cm        
W: 3.2 H:4.15 in        

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